Information about Car Insurance NZ

Information about Car Insurance NZ

Buying a car in New Zealand can be a very good idea if you are planning on living in New Zealand or staying there for an extended period of time. Getting your car insured for accidents in New Zealand is very important and is also very easy to do. When using a good car insurance NZ company, you will be able to lessen costs in case of an accident.

The risk that you make when you purchase a used car in New Zealand is that you will not know its past operations thus it is crucial to take some time to check it keenly and inspect its papers. You can secure your car against accidental loss or damage to up to its market worth or a price agreed with your car insurance NZ Youi. Motor vehicle insurance can also help you against any damage you might cause to other cars or property.

Insuring your motor vehicle with Car Insurance NZ

When insuring your car, it is crucial that you give out all facts that may affect the price of the insurance. In addition to giving out all previous losses and criminal information, the car insurance NZ company will also need to know who is going to drive your car. The car insurance NZ company will also need to know if you or the other drivers have had any accidents or traffic violations in the past. They will also need to know whether or not your car has been altered with.

Types of insurance policies in New Zealand

According to insurance council of New Zealand, there are three types of car insurance NZ policies:

Third party damage

This policy protects you against the damage you cause to other cars and property or any injury to a person.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This policy covers damage caused by fire and stealing of your car as well as damage to other properties.


This policy protects you against accidental loss of, or damage to, your car as well as third party property damage. It may also protect you from other costs such as travel costs or treatments related to the accident.

It is a constitutional necessity that insurance is only provided by an authorised car insurance NZ provider in New Zealand. An insurer is authorised under section 19 of the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010.

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Anyone planning to travel to New Zealand from overseas can buy comprehensive travel insurance in your home country that may give protection for your excess.

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If you live in New Zealand, you can buy domestic travel insurance which often gives protection for leased vehicle excess.